Simple client management for WordPress

Built for freelancers and small agencies

All your stuff, in one place

A single space for client invoices, docs, links to tools, and more

Get client feedback, easily

Allows clients to add feedback directly to mockups or your development site

Built for WordPress

Integrates into your existing site, white-labeled and customizable

More features
Simple, secure access

Control client access with WordPress user accounts, or just a password

Integrated To Do list

A simple, client-facing status list to keep everything on-track

Low cost, no monthly charges

One affordable, annual payment for updates and support

Save time, money, your sanity

Managing clients doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming

  • Contracts, invoices, and other key client docs are saved in a folder... somewhere...
  • Feedback is collected in lots of different ways (email, calls, meetings, telepathy)
  • Site documentation is limited and not well organized, resulting in extra client training and support
  • Contracts, invoices, and other key client docs are saved in the same, easily accessible place
  • Feedback is collected directly on your mock-ups, and even development and live sites
  • Site documentation is cleanly organized, reducing the time you spend on support


  • One year of updates and support
  • Easy set-up, and simple to use
  • 14-day full money-back guarantee
Coming in 2018

What's new?

April update: Inspiring others, newsletter, and this site
April 3rd, 2018

Starting now, I’m going to post monthly updates on my progress with ClientSage. It is going to be an adventure. Thanks for joining!

Help your clients understand shortcodes with ClientSage
March 26th, 2018

Shortcodes help deliver functionality, but can be intimidating. ClientSage includes features to make them easy for clients to understand.

Introducing ClientSage: Featherlight client management for WordPress
November 10th, 2017

I’m proud to introduce ClientSage, my new WordPress plugin to help manage your freelance design business.

ClientSage, a story

Who's the person making ClientSage, and why

Creator of ClientSage, Darren Krape

Hi, I'm Darren. I'm a freelance designer and developer, specializing in WordPress websites and plug-ins.

I’ve created sites for clients as diverse as the World Bank, Amazon, HTC, and some amazing organizations you’ve never heard of.

I love freelancing, but the back-and-forth with clients can be a grind: feedback is buried in dozens of emails, tracking progress is a chore, and key documents are scattered around the web.

So, I decided to make ClientSage. It is my answer to a persistent problem: client management takes too much time and effort.